Inactive Characters

This is my current list of characters who have been put on hiatus indefinitely. This is mostly so I can focus on the "active" ones while working three different jobs. ( * means the account is a Username Placeholder)

These accounts are usually still available for SLs but will not be out for banter. If you want to write with one of these babies, please contact me!

  1. Daryl Dixon
  2. Fang Kattalakis
  3. Acheron
  4. Apollo
  5. Chayden Aniwaya
  6. Eric Butcher, OC
  7. Lord Vaako*
  8. Leonard McCoy
  9. Nykyrian Quiakides
  10. Nick O'Flaherty
  11. Ty Grady
  12. Loki
  1. Aphrodite
  2. Caryn Driscoll, TWD OC
  3. Pepper Potts

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