Active Characters

Let me just state from the get-go that my characters come and go. There are a few long-time holdouts that have never gone away, but others have a tendency to have their voices go quiet on me. Occasionally, I'll go so far as to "get rid of" the character, deleting them for good. Inevitably, there are those few stubborn ones who make their way back in. I'll do my best to keep these up to date but I make no guarantees.

There are a number of ways to split up and categorize my characters, but for now, I'm going to go with Male and Female. 

Active Characters:
  1. Jace Black Heart, OC
  2. Sam Winchester, Canon
  1. Me, Dita Von Chaos, OC/OOC
  2. Belle, AU/Canon
  3. Miss Pots, AU/Canon
  4. Selina Kyle, AU/Canon
  5. Caryn "Fin" Driscoll, OC
  6. Jessica Ferguson, OC
  7. Maleficent, AU/Canon

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