About Me

Writer. Role player. Never a poet.

I have about a million novels started,  not one finished. I've got short stories, chapters, ideas, and sentences floating around here. Eventually, hopefully, some of them will come together into a complete work. Until then, I just have fun creating.

I'm slightly obsessed with Karl Urban. And, by "slightly," I mean I'm crazy-obsessed over the man. Not that I stalk him. I mean, I would, but I'm too smart for that. And I don't want him to think I'm a creeper.

I also have a deep love for Dita Von Teese. She's beautiful, strong, opinionated, intelligent, and everything that society tells little girls they should be. She's my Barbie.

I have had writing partners come and go. Some are still my closest friends outside of RP, best friends even. There are a handful of these treasures I've had the pleasure and honor of writing with, such as FG, Evans, Ren, Sare, Enigma, Beastie and Minion, Angel, Orion, Hat/RPMagic, even a few bad eggs that, while they brought me down, have served to make me realize exactly who I am and what I want in a writing partner. 

The Gomez to my Morticia, Han to my Leia, is Max. Always. While we got off to a very rocky start, there was and has always been a spark there that continues to ignite a blaze of passion for writing, our characters, and our stories. While we're no longer partners, I will Always cherish the friendship and he will always be my Gomez, My Han. 

My Tumblr Dita Von Chaos

In the real world, I'm currently an AR Manager in a dermatology office as well as the coder/biller for another physician. The work can be boring and tedious, but it suits me. It gives me time to think and time to not think. I'm not necessarily a people person, so it works for me.

I have four brothers and they each have families. I'm the lone hold-out in that respect. Kids just aren't my cup of tea unless I can send them home to parents who are far more willing to handle the less-than-pleasant aspects of rearing children. Other than that, my personal life is just that, personal.

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